a little quiet treat for you

I came upon this little, powerful poem.  I share it with you who come today to the Church after a busy Ash Wednesday and the kick off of the Lent Season.  Peace of Christ to you.  I hope it energizes you and take your breath away if but for a moment.  Scott

Knoxville:  1915

by James Agee (published 1938)

On the rough wet grass
of the backyard my
father and mother have spread quilts…

The stars are wise and alive,
they all seem like a smile
of great sweetness,
and they seem very near.

All my people are larger bodies than mine,
quiet, with voices and gentle and meaningless
like the voices of sleeping birds…

By some chance, here they are,
all on this earth;
and who shall ever tell the sorrow
of being on this earth, lying on quilts,
on the grass,
in a summer evening,
among the sounds of the night.

May God bless my people,
my uncle, my aunt, my mother, my good father,
oh, remember the kindly in their time of troube;
and in the hour of their taking away.

After a little I am taken
in and put to bed.
Sleep, soft smiling, draws me unto her;
and those receive me,
who quietly treat me, as one
familiar and well-beloved
in that home.

Happy March Birthday Wishes to:

5th: Catney Lanham
Jon Riches
Carol Schempp
6th: John Carlberg
8th: Andy Channer
9th: Davis Price
16th: Travis Allen
Melissa Lowe
21st: Kaci Thompson
23rd: Karen Branson
25th: Dave Treat
26th: Fane Downs
30th: Mary Florence Garza
Dana Mayfield

Happy Wedding Anniversary To:

21st Ben & Kathy Monroe 47 Years

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