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Lean Into Easy And Light

This Thanksgiving I’m feeling a bit like this plump turkey. Better not because I know this bird’s fate. I have to lean instead on Jesus and Matthew 11:30, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” These words, of course, are at the end of a well-quoted phrase that begins with “Come to me [...]

Jesus says, “Why fearful?”

Are you like me? We have several who come to the office asking for financial help. This last week someone walked up to me in the park and asked that I simply pray with him. This stranger called himself a sheep; I feel often like a goat myself for my stubbornness at not having more [...]

Just Us, Justice

A Prayer Reflection: Contemporary Anne Lamott, suggests the only three prayers that you really need are ”Help”, “Wow” and “Thank you”. These 3 words are about all I can muster these days. Our Biblical stories tell us time and again our heritage as the people of God. From our holy scriptures we have stories, and [...]

Mission Statement

Palo Duro Presbytery is a part of the body of Christ, a broken but redeemed community of faith in the Reformed tradition, called by God to live and serve in covenant relationship with God, God’s people and God’s creation. In response to God’s call, guided by the Holy Spirit, prayer and Bible study, the faith communities of Palo Duro Presbytery proclaim the Gospel of grace and love in word and deed. (Micah 6:8 and Mark 12:28-31). Connected by grace and love, Palo Duro Presbytery seeks to nurture and support our communities of faith as they discern God’s call to mutual care and opportunities for growth and service.

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