Welcome to the best part of Texas. Palo Duro Presbytery, a presbytery of the Synod of the Sun, spanning a 72-county region of northwest Texas including the south plains, rolling plains and panhandle.

Currently, there are 40 congregations within the bounds of the presbytery. Amarillo, Lubbock, Wichita Falls and Abilene are the largest cities in this geographic area and form the anchors of the four areas into which the presbytery is divided.

In our neighborhood, it is perfectly okay to greet others with a smile and “Howdy.” It is acceptable to issue an invitation with “Ya’ll come!” And, it is fine to pull off the road to admire the views. After all, you can see a long distance in this part of Texas.

Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell

Executive Presbyter

Elder David G. Kemp, J.D.

Stated Clerk

Ministries & Committees

Palo Duro Presbytery Officers:
Moderator: Elder Gene Deason
Vice Moderator: Rev. Janell Blair

Ben Davidson
Gary Terrell
Rev. Becky Fox

Presbytery’s Common Life Ministry:
Moderator: CCE SarahLee Morris
Class of 2023: Sherie Aldredge, Sally Brantley, Steve Chambers
Class of 2024: CCE Sarahlee Morris, Joyce Records
Class of 2023: Rev. Lindsey Reed-Guerrero, Pastor Steve Sullwold
(Another Candidate in Process)
Auxiliary: Rev. Kristen Harris, James Myers, Pastor Joe Gambill
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter, Moderator
Gene Deason

Resources Ministry:
Moderator: Rev. Doug House
Vice-Moderator: Rev. Robert (Bob) Field
Class of 2023: Rev. George Records, Kaci Jones
Class of 2024: Rev. Robert (Bob) Field, Dean Thompson, Doug Bell
Class of 2025: Rev. Doug House
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter, Dave Kemp,
Stated Clerk, Moderator Gene Deason

Committee on Ministry:
Moderator: Joseph Gambill
Secretary: Phyllis Baum
Vice-Moderator: Bill Core
Board of Pensions Representative: Don Stribling

Class of 2023: Rev. Dana Mayfield, Elder Dee Rice, Bill Core, Rev.
Robert Fortney
Class of 2024: Elder Mitchell Davenport, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Scanlon,
Class of 2025: Phyllis Baum, Rev. Becky Fox, Pastor Joseph Gambill,
Mona Statser, Rev. Don Stribling, Elder Doug Tanner, Elder Carol
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter, Dave Kemp,
Stated Clerk, Moderator Gene Deason

Preparation Ministry:
Moderator: Nancy Hutchinson
Class of 2023: Rev. Kyle Segars, Shon Williams
Class of 2024: Sally Osoinach, Rev. Robin Gantz, Anna Mae Fischli
Class of 2025: Nancy Diggs, Nancy Hutchinson, Rev. Dr. Cliff Stewart
Auxiliary: Pastor Joe Gambill,
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter: Dave
Kemp, Stated Clerk, Moderator Elder Gene Deason

Nominating & Representation Ministry:
Moderator: Pastor Kathy Monroe
Class of 2023: Ross Clopton, Whit Hunt, Pastor Kathy Monroe
Class of 2024: Rev. Dr. Cliff Stewart (Unexpired Term), Pat Osoinach
(Unexpired Term)
Class of 2024: Valerie SoRelle
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter; Dave
Kemp, Stated Clerk, Moderator Gene Deason

Council of Ministries:
Moderator: Gene Deason
Vice-Moderator: Rev. Janell Blair
CCE SarahLee Morris, Representative of Common Life Ministry
Pastor Joseph Gambill, Representative of Committee on Ministry
Moderator Nancy Hutchinson, Representative of Preparation Ministry
Pastor Kathy Monroe, Representative of Nominations &
Representation Ministry, Moderator
Rev. Doug House, Representative of Resources Ministry Moderator
Elder Gene Deason, Palo Duro Presbytery Moderator
Rev. Janell Blair, Palo Duro Presbytery Vice Moderator
Staff: The Rev. Dr. Scott Campbell, Executive Presbyter; Dave
Kemp, Stated Clerk, Moderator Gene Deason

Celebration Scholarship Board of Directors and Celebration

Area 1
Cindy Williams {2023} Rev. Janell Blair {2023} Traci Prather{2024}
Area II
Barbara Ballew {2023} Melinda Alexander {2024}
Area III
Mona Statser {2023} Liz Read {2023)
Area IV
David Baum, Director {2023} Rev. Chris Turner (2024)

2024: Rachel White
2025: Andrew Brokovich; Evely Ludington;
2026: Jacob Pate, Zuzu Shelton, Addee Williams
2027: Lucas Tripp Mills, Anna White,  Mason Bagwell, William Ferguson


Permanent Judicial Commission
Class of 2 023: Rev. Andy Blair, Rev. Davis Price, Julie Johnson
Class of 2024-2025: Dorothy Hulsey, Leslie Adkins, Valerie Deason
Class of 2026-2027: Sue Lucas, Rev. Chris Turner, Rev. Robert Field

Commissioners to General Assembly
Teaching Elder Commissioner: Rev. Becky Fox Ruling Elder
Commissioner: Bill Core
Young Adult Advisory Delegate: Susannah “Zuzu” Shelton

Synod of the Sun Commissioners
Class of 2023: Commissioned Pastor Nancy Ruff
Class of 2025: Ben Davidson

Presbytery Liaison to the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian
Home for Children in Amarillo
Ross Clopton

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