Listen to this beautiful Prayer from our Honorably Retired Minister Henry Chisholm

                                       Here is another written prayer by  Ruling Elder Mitchell Davenport of Jacksboro, which he closed our Presbytery Meeting with.

“Precious God, we have been told that where two or more of us are gathered together in your name that you are with us. We treasure your presence here this evening as we have gathered and as we part.

As we have gathered from the far stretches of the Palo Duro Presbytery, we are reminded of how different and diverse our backgrounds are, but we are reminded, too, of our similar spirits of worship dedicated to you.

Most of us have travelled above and below the great escarpment called the Caprock that crosses the heart of our region, painted with the vibrant colors from your hand and have experienced the rich, sweet smell of the open furrows of the earth above this great dividing line.

Many of us have seen and experienced the rough and rolling, cedar covered Breaks below the escarpment, and all have seen the breathtaking sunsets that you give us in this country that defy all description.

We have snickered each time we hear the old story about the roughnecks in the cold, biting winds of the Alaskan oilfields who quipped one to the other as they toiled on the derrick floor that “don’t you know its cold tonight in Dalhart!”

We have stood in the blast of the giant sand storms that ravage our part of the world working its product into the tiniest cracks and crevices of our lives and ofttimes have smelled the sweet air ahead of the thunderstorms that bring us relief in this sometimes dry land.

We all treasure the description by your child, Elmer Kelton, of West Texas who said it is a “land where a man can see further than he can afford to go.”

In all of these times in our lives, whether good or bad in this last year, we have still felt your presence in that same still, small voice of the ancient times reminding us that you, the Great I Am, is still in control here though we may not always understand or see it.

We pray God as we leave this time together that we will remember our common heritage and in returning to our communities that we continue to be your hands and feet in the world.

We pray that you will bless the work we did here this evening and that the work we do, even in these proceedings, is not small work but good work; blessed by you and represents Your Work.

We pray that we have acted wisely in all we have done. Give us wisdom and courage to lead your Church in our world.

We pray that we can, in some way, be the Light in our world to your people. Watch over us as we go our separate ways and we raise this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen and Amen.”

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