Anti-Racism Capacity Building Series

Register please if you have not. It begins tomorrow. It is a free webinar. However If you would like to contribute toward the cost, please send $5 per person to Palo Duro Presbytery. Do register by sending an email to the with “I’m in”.

Everyone will get the curriculum for each one the day before and after the last event they will get the cumulative curriculum.

One a week beginning tomorrow. I’ve attached a broad schedule. Each Friday for 1.5 hours for a sack lunch time at your home or office.

Session 1 – What Does it Mean to be Anti-Racist?

Session 2 – Engaging Colleagues and Students in Anti-Racist Learning Moments.

Session 3 – Identify and Combat Institutional and Structural Racism.

Session 4 – Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression.

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