Grow Up in Every Way

Ephesians 4:15a “grow up in every way.”

We are worshiping together all over the world in the liturgical calendar we call “Ordinary Time” marked by the color Green. I learned in Sunday School that it is a time of “the unfolding of the new creation.” We purposefully invest time and resources in becoming new creations. It is a time to purposefully choose to bone up on our spiritual practices. We aim to be like Christ thoughtfully.

I am always stunned when I go from church to church, Sunday to Sunday, to see how each church worships differently. There are, of course, the same elements: The Gospel told, the Cross in the center of the worship space and Paul’s I Corinthians letter read at communion. But the way these central elements are shared vary from church to church. Each church has its special personality. Each has its own culture. Each has its own ‘Best practices’. Best practices are standard-bearing details that are ones of excellence. They are cherished. For example, I just attended a church service where this magnificent black and white picture of a chrysanthemum was highlighted as a symbol for the body of Christ. At another church I joined others in wearing white gloves to serve of the Eucharist with silver chalices; the next week I helped serve the Lord’s Supper in a hybrid of both intinction and pew service. Both glorious and Christ-centric. We have so much to share with one another.

Mark your calendar: September 28-29th in Colorado City for our next Presbyterian Meeting. Our theme will be “Best Practices”. This is a follow up of our last Presbytery meeting where we discussed shared mission. It was almost as if we were bursting at the seams, full of information to share about our churches. Now we will continue with a theme of best practices, not specific to mission necessarily, but how we do the details of Church life and Christian Worship. Each congregation will share that one thing that is so worshipful, so helpful, so cherished in proclaiming or in worshiping God in Jesus Christ. We plan for it to be transformational and a lot of fun too. Scott

Special Called Meeting

Saturday – July 20, 2019 – 1:00 PM
First Presbyterian Church
2001 Yucca Lane
Vernon, TX 76384
Please, if unable to attend, notify Stated Clerk David Kemp at

144th Stated Meeting of Palo Duro Presbytery

“Best Practices”

September 27-28, 2019
First Presbyterian Church
444 Chestnut
Colorado City, Texas 79512

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