Six Authors Children’s Book

for Children of All Ages

Life Lessons for Littles, Janice Six’s second published book since she retired, is now available!

This collection of more than fifty rhymes focusing on twenty-six virtues or values based on scripture, such as compassion, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, hospitality, patience, respect, and trust in God—to name a few–is written to be shared by caring adults with children ages four to ten years. However, Janice recently shared one of the poems, “Quiet Joy,” in a sermon. After worship, a woman in her 70s commented, “I want a copy of your book,” adding, “You know there’s a child in each of us.”

Janice recently served as chaplain for the PDP elementary camp and shared many of the poems throughout the week since the theme for each day was often one of the life lessons in the book.

Life Lessons for Littles costs $16.99 per copy. If any congregations would like to purchase multiple copies to share with children or families, contact Janice directly at 325-665-0643 or, for a 20% discount on orders of ten or more. This discount can also be applied to Janice’s first book, Confessions of a Female Pastor—And Other Prayers of the People.

These books are available from Texas Star Trading Co. or your favorite bookseller.

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