PDP Prayer Request

Dear friends in the mission of Jesus Christ,

We are feeling so poorly. We are overwhelmed with COVID; the worries of the world intensify our distress. The virus is having its impact on the bulk of our church members directly or indirectly in Palo Duro Presbytery. The ministers are suffering too. We’re struggling for breath literally and figuratively. There are too many despairing confidential stories to share. WE are hurting. This note is simply a prayer and a note of solidarity; we are tethered to Jesus Christ now and forevermore. May I ask us to please take deliberate moments today to find a quiet place and pray for healing?

I send you all of the love and prayer I can muster right alongside your prayers. I hope this poem – also known as a prayer starter – is a moment of reflection and encouragement. Scott

“Oh, to Be So Poor”
by Robert W. Guffey, Jr., 1991

She lived life out of a wheelchair.
Barely hearing. Almost blind.
At worship today
Christ’s supper was offered to her,
but she thought the plate of broken bread was the
offering plate.
Bewildered, she said a bit too loud,
“I don’t have anything to give.”
Poor woman, they all thought.
Not so.
Through any disorientation, we have everything
in the Christ who gives his life for us.
Through our deafness, he hears for us.
through our blindness, he sees for us.
Through our trembling hands, he will take the bread
and cup for us.
We hear Christ’s words:
Let not your heart be troubled.
I will hold it. I will feed you.
I will drink the cup for you.
I will fill you.
I will be your world.
Oh, to be so poor.

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