Better than Butter

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I sat with a friend in a hospital waiting room yesterday, and we talked about our favorite Christmas memory. It’s a parlor game this time of year all over the world. I’m a bit surprised that most favorite Christmas’ have heart break or pain associated with them. As I look back, I think about those things that make Christmas’ the most special are non-financial, non-assets like my family, my daughter, my health and then I immediately look above. Clearly I have to be deliberate to look above and give glory to God. And just like that this little verse popped back up in my mind. I “had” to memorize it as a wee one probably for a VBS, but today I think it is the best Christmas present I can send to you and anyone else. It’s the best of life. It’s the key to the Kingdom. It’s better than gold, frankincense or myrrh. Growing up, we’d say something was truly special with the phrase, “Better than pure butter.” Here it is:

Colossians 3:33 “Your life is hid with Christ in God.”

YOU are working so hard to lift up Christ where you are. I give you this little gift of the Word remembered to affirm you and what you are doing even this very day. I hope this reminds you that you’re tucked in, safe, celebrated, secure, loved, eternal and gifted in Christ. Merry Christmas. Scott

“Grocer’s Window” by English artist Emily Sutton (watercolour), c. 2008

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