Fresh Mown Field

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Advent Joy begins this week. May I share an Advent verse:

“He will endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon, through all generations. He will be like rain falling on a fresh mown field, like fresh showers water the earth.” Psalm 72:6 I see the Messiah Jesus in Psalms, and I see Advent in this particular verse. Advent is a time of ‘already’ but ‘not quite yet’ and finding joy in the between time.

As you plan your Advent church calendars, I pass along a greeting from the presbytery you constantly help support. You know. You’re lifting up Christ’s Church where you are there and Christ’s Church all over God’s earth especially Palo Duro Presbytery. May I remind you: YOU are a joy.

Keep an eye out on our web site that is being changed. We will also begin to share details that once were on the old paper newsletter now onto new electronic media like this.


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